Expert Advice and Design Optimization for Inventors

In addition to machine design and drawing conversions, I specialize in mentoring private and amateur inventors all over the U.S. and Canada.  My service is comprehensive, confidential and low cost.  Using the internet, we no longer need to meet in person, all details can be conveniently handled via e-mail. 

Inventor prototype

This was the prototype of a special tool that the inventor had created. Clearly this invention was not ready for manufacturing or marketing.

Inventors enhanced prototype

This is the enhanced design of that same tool with my design and manufacturing enhancements. This is now an invention that is ready to be manufactured.

My inventor mentoring process consists of the following steps:

  1. We will have a free, confidential phone discussion of your invention.  Without supplying specifics, we can discuss your general market, your patent state, your time line, and projected quantities and if I think I can provide help.

  2. If agreeable, you will send me a confidentiality agreement to sign so that I can get into the details of your invention idea.  (If you have no agreement, I can e-mail a generic agreement to you.)

  3. After exchanging confidentiality agreements, you would send me your invention sketches, photos, dimensions, writeups, etc. for me to study.

  4. If you are to try to patent your invention, and haven’t yet seen an attorney, I can provide patent grade 3D drawings.  (But not the patent application or writeup.)

  5. I will now provide an approximate and a not-to-exceed price to do your work.

  6. If agreeable to both parties, customer will send a down payment so work can commence.

  7. After analyzing your invention, I may refine your idea and will recommend any changes which will improve function or reduce cost to manufacture.

  8. After agreement, I will render your product in 3D cad and then e-mail .pdf files to you for your critique.

  9. After agreeing on any changes, I will modify the 3D drawings and re-submit for final approval.

  10. I will now generate the required 2D drawings needed for manufacturing of your invention.

  11. After final approval and receipt of final payment, I will save all drawing information, including files for CNC machining to a CD. I will also provide 2 hard copies each of all drawings and mail all above to customer.

  12. As an extra cost option, I can also provide customer with several shops who can successfully manufacture this device and/or I can provide prototype parts.  (I only deal with domestic U.S. companies, I do not deal overseas.)

As an example of my service, see the photos above of the original inventor submittal for a specialized type of tool and my final design.  I hope to be able to work on your idea.

Call 724-468-4244 Today to allow the "Inventor Mentor" to help refine your invention and get it ready for marketing for far less than those big companies.

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