Case Study: Design and Drawings for custom sheet metal bracketry.

Sheet metal bracket design and 3D CAD Drawings.
Valve actuator and sheet metal mounting brackets

A  large corporation was developing a home automation system which would include an ability to automatically shut off water to a home if a leak was detected.   They wanted to be able to attach a valve actuator to a ball valve to automatically shut off the valve, and they wanted that to easily attach to any pipe size from 3/8″ to  3/4″.

Sheet Metal CAD drafting services

Their in-house engineers had come up with a an unwieldy, flimsy and unattractive looking bracket design that required a different part for each pipe size.  The customer required a one-piece design which I was able to come up with after analyzing their requirements.  My design makes it very easy to install and allows one bracket to fit on any of desired pipe sizes.

Sheet Metal CAD drafting service

Fully dimensioned and toleranced 3D CAD drawings of these sheet metal parts were provided in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.  We also furnished a dozen sets of prototype parts.

Dozens of additional references and examples of my work are available upon request.

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