3D Prototype Models for Inventors  3D prototype model for an inventor

Are you curious about the companies like InventHelp or other companies which say they help inventors?  Typically, they will all request a large sum of money up front, and of course they make no guarantees that your invention will succeed.

If you are looking for an alternative to the expensive InventHelp type of companies, give me a call today.  I have considerable experience with helping private inventors.  I can help inventors in any or all of these areas:

  • define your invention,
  • refine your ideas,
  • prompt you about possible methods of manufacturing,
  • provide detail manufacturing drawings,
  • provide 3D drawing files,
  • and even have physical prototypes made.

I offer an initial 30 minute free phone consultation about your invention.  After that, we can work on a consulting basis with a reasonable hourly rate, or I can offer a fixed price quote for a defined scope of work.

For example, if you want 3D prototype drawings of your invention, I can provide a fixed price quote.  I can also get the intial prototype constructed for you, and also I can offer advice on manufacturing your invention.

For more details about my Inventor Mentoring Process, please click here to visit my Inventor Mentor page.

Call 724-575-7234 Today to allow the “Inventor Mentor” to help refine your invention and get it ready for marketing for far less than those big companies,
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CAD Drafting Services & 3D Drawing
Conversion of Standard Parts

  • Do you have old paper drawings that need conversion to AutoCAD?
  • Do you have AutoCAD 2D drawings that you need converted to
    3D drawings?
  • Do you have vendors that only provide 2D drawings of purchased
    parts, and you need 3D drawings of those components?
  • Do you need an experienced engineer to review and improve
    the design of your custom manufacturing machinery?

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